What is it like to suffer SCI? Quora question..

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Girl! Let me tell you..

You don’t ever want to experience that. It is the end of everything you know, life as you knew it. Your beautiful self, your fun adventures, exciting experiences. It’s time to review your dreams and life goals, because half of those will never be achieved, per your inability or rules and laws, people’s fear and not understanding. You have to reevaluate everything about yourself. You have to accept something that is just simply not freaking acceptable. Desperately want to go back but you can’t. Overwhelming grief. You life changed so much and you want it back so bad that you are ready to accept all this crazy amount of pain for the rest of your life to just have your life back… you try to negotiate with God and Univerce and you get inspired to fight.. then you spent years doing physical therapy hoping and pushing, but NOTHING comes back. Your legs still don’t work or your hands or your trunk muscles, you still need help to bath or shower, but you already used to humiliation. You loose your balance while using bathroom, you are afraid to fall and you rely on people. Now you have to pay people, because your relatives now are not always available… But then you realize that people even if they love you they got their own lives and they MoveOn.People got used to new you. And then you have friends that start to come over rare and then more rare. And every time they leave your house and get in the car and drive away you feel jealous, you want to drive, walk, to get on the highway and feel fresh air in your open window …

But you can’t

You face a moment of truth: you accept

You have no way out of here. You are TOTALLY AND ABSOLUTELY f***ed! But you can’t even cry no more. Empty, grieving , hating, jealous…

You can give up, start using drugs or alcohol, get yourself into even more depression. Or you can turn yourself around accept your physical disability and still live a happy life maybe perhaps helping others along the way helping yourself as well …

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