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By Aimee Ann, June 2018 Via   https://wp.me/p9ghAg-3S3Journey Back To Myself is a roller coaster of a ride book lovers and wow what a ride it was! Journey Back To Myself is first and foremost a fictional tale; however, I believe it is inspired by true events, but for the sake of the review I am only going to write my review as if the book is a fictional story. The story the reader will read in Journey Back To Myself is shocking, definitely upsetting but mostly it is captivating because from the very dramatic get-go KJ Walker throws her reader into the novel with a dramatic scene and that first chapter will guarantee that the reader will want to read until the very end.

The story of Journey Back To Myself may be a shocking read, but it is also a poignant piece of fiction that will move, charm and inspire its reader’s thanks to the many themes explored throughout the book. I believe that although Journey Back To Myself is a fictional tale, it is influential, and I think many readers will take away something from Journey Back To Myself and end up applying it to their lives because the journey the reader is taken on is one that is full of many life lessons and will undoubtedly influence its readers.

Journey Back To Myself is a compelling book that will introduce the reader to the protagonist of the novel who struggles in her everyday life thanks to the many personality traits and addictions that consume her. The protagonist is a sex addict in short, and she is dependant on all of those around, and this complicates her life, and so does her sex life. The reader will follow the protagonist on her journey as she grows and the journey is a thrilling, exciting and moving one. I personally love stories in which the reader is granted access into somebody’s life and I love even more if the person has addictions or an eccentric personality because it makes the reading experience even more fun and let me tell you now book lovers, Journey Back To Myself was incredibly fun and poignant at the same time.

KJ Walker is the author of Journey Back To Myself, and she is brave and brazen with her literature because she holds nothing back in her book and I admit that I am obsessed with this! The journey the reader is taken on is, of course, shocking and I admit that I was surprised by just how honest Walker was about some of the themes that occur in the real world, such as sex addiction. Most authors would run a mile from this but not Walker. Oh no, she is a brazen writer who knows how to shock but enthrall her readers at the same time, and that to me is the sign of a talented author!

Although Journey Back To Myself is a shocking novel, it is also a beautiful one because the book shows us readers through the protagonist’s journey that no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome them and that is a lovely message that all readers should learn. The reader will learn through the protagonist’s journey that you can find happiness after a tragedy and you can overcome whatever life deals you and so if you are looking to be inspired as well as entertained then Journey Back To Myself is for you.

Not only is KJ Walker a remarkable author for being daring and bold with her literature but she is also a highly talented one whose superb literature will have readers racing to the end because of how entertaining it is! Walker is incredible, and I love her literature, and now that I have read this book of hers I will read whatever she writes next and this is because she is such a talented writer and I genuinely mean this book lovers!

Overall Journey Back To Myself is a daring, shocking, but sensational book that will take its readers on a poignant and thrilling journey all while being taught life lessons and being entertained and so Walker’s novel is, of course, going to be awarded five stars by me!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on Journey Back To Myself. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!


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“So brutally honest! Fascinating story of a strong person and reality of the world” John B.

“Erotic scenes tickle your gut and make you want more. Make you take an action” Meg F.

“Could not stop reading! Learned so much about my friend!

Depth, soul, truth.., Remarkable!” MJ

“She brings up modern societal issues, she expresses her opinion with no disrespect but firm and brutally honest. No hesitation. Sex, politics, emotions, narcissistic personality disorders everything in one book!


 Christopher G.

“  I could never be like that. But reading this story I realized that we don’t know our real potential, everything is in your faith. This book made me cry and laugh, made me sad, gave me chills and made me giggle.

Many different emotions that is hard to have this days : the book is exceptional! Thank you KJ” Tamara S.

 Why did I stay you ask me. I don’t know,I was in that crazy age  when you allow sex to blindfolded you,  although I did feel happy it was like a “feel good drug” relationship. I miss it sometimes, but I’m happy it’s over it gave me a possibility for a better future. You can’t live too long on the wild wild sex side it will be over one day, but boy you have good memories “

We had vacations like no other. Free and uninhibited, we would dissolve into the night life and wake up entwined in the beach. Making love in the sand, our skin glowing in the moonlight, I had no idea how catastrophic our love would be. How could something so right, so electric, break my heart? Either way, I knew this man would change my life beyond anything I could imagine.

I can’t leave the living room. I feel so alone and so trapped. If only I could walk again. If only someone would come to visit me! The main thing I long for though is the feeling of a man’s fingers, a man’s strength, as he makes love to me. There is only one man I want but how can I be with him when I am resigned to a wheelchair?


She was a Russian ballerina. I can feel the heat of the lights, the sweat of her strenuous movements, the feeling of her muscles pushing to the maximum, as I watch her dance through my memories. And it breaks my heart to know she is about to give it all away for one man, one man who could have any woman he wanted and still chose to pretend that she was his only one. Part of me is jealous and I wish I could go back to that time, before everything changed and I made the mistake of my life.

My mother hissed at me that I was a slut. The men that filtered into the salon just to see me drove her mad with jealousy. But I felt glamorous and I could tell they just wanted to bury their faces in my bosom as I massaged their scalps and gave them expert fades. The stares of men was something I became accustomed to. So why did all of my lovers make me feel so worthless?

When they first made love in his tiny dorm, Betsy felt exhilarated. She stroked Victor’s hair as he lavished her with kisses and caresses. The whole future was wide open and Betsy knew that she could do anything.

The last time we made love was in the shower. Water dripping down our bodies, he began to cry and I knew that the magic of our past lovmaking was gone. I felt hideous. “Who is she?” I asked him calmly.

He never struck me. So it may sound silly when I say that I was abused. But I am a victim, like so many others. And now I am trying to get my story out to the world.

It is obvious the pain that a wheelchair person may face. But what you don’t see is their total isolation from the world. Losing friends, having to fight to get services, not being able to work and relying heavily on family and social institutions. You lose your wings as well as your legs. I am fighting every day to get back to my old self, to walk again, to even dance. Some days are dark days where I cry. Other days, I am a social justice warrior, making myself a fighter rather than a victim.

Russian women were hardened by the post-Soviet life. Working hard, standing in line for hours for basic household commodities, living in roach-infested dormitories where everything was public. That hardness was reflected in Lisa’s mother’s face. But Lisa was only seven. How could she understand? As her mother berated her for doing nothing right, Lisa felt worthless and wished that she could crawl into a little hole and never come out.

When we were on the yacht, we felt whole. We had our own world where we could feed each other strawberries and talk about life while drinking champagne. The uninhibited conversations between us and crazy, animalistic love making in front of the city line dulled my sense that something was wrong, very wrong.

Parents, remember that everything you say and do to your child has a lasting effect on his or her ego. You shape who your child grows up to be by telling him or her how to think. So do not make the mistakes of my mother.


“Journey back to myself” novel by KJ Walker is scheduled to be published May 7, 2018, second anniversary of KJ’s miracle survival.

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