Meet the Team



KJ was injured on May 7, 2016 at 7:35 PM on her way home to her beautiful children from the charity event ‘Money for cancer research’ downtown Chicago. KJ lost control over her car because of missplaced construction blocks and garbage.

After two weeks in coma in Stroger hospital she was told by her doctors that she, probably, will never walk again. 

Quadriplegic incomplete C5, C6  spinal cord injury she is now fighting to get her life back through intensive therapy, spirituality and sellf healing… 

She is a host and creator of ‘Fight disability with KJ Walker ‘ on YouTube and author of ‘Journey Back to Myself ‘ her first book that is being released to public on Kindle and Amazon on May 7, 2017


Dennis (son)


After his mother was discharged from Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, on August 25 of 2016, Dennis did a lot of research on websites, articles and YouTube channels that support and promote motivational and inspirational needs for information of newly disabled people, thinking about how hard it is for them to adapt to their new life. There was little information found.

Dennis made a video about his mom’s accident and her strong spirit, that got 150 likes on Youtube on the first day. This gave him and KJ an idea to start making the videos about people who inspire them.

Their channel “Fight Disability with KJ Walker” currently has seven videos about survivors and fighters on their journey to recovery and more than 1000 views in a first month. Dennis and his mom have a website with the same name which has articles and information that should be available to every person at any time about spinal cord injuries, prevention, news from all around the world about research studies, motivational articles, spiritual enlightenment, monthly messages and KJ’s soon to be started nonprofit organization.


Michael J. Shepherd


Michael J. Shepherd was working in a lumber mill in Stoughton, Wisconsin on January 18th of 2008. While standing alongside of a ripsaw, a piece of sizable lumber shot out of the side and went through his throat. This wood cut his carotid artery, trashed his vocal chords and left him paralyzed. His spine was shattered from C5 to T1 while also severing his spinal cord, leaving him a complete injury.

He was medflighted to The U.W. Madison hospital. He was told he would either end up like Christopher Reeves or dead. Instead of a year in the hospital, he was out in 4 months. He prolonged rehabilitation for 2 years which was a huge mistake.

As of now, with the help of the Lord and strong support, he is striving to find a pathway to healing himself while helping others along the way.


Our Story


KJ and Michael met on July 25, 2016 in RIC ( Rehabilitation institute of Chicago)

Address: 345 E Superior St, Chicago, IL 60611